10 Best beer cities in the world

If you are looking for a new travel destination and also love beer than there are 10 cities you must
visit next. Today, in the world we have a lot of different beers that you always have something new
to try. I hope that you are ready for the list of towns where you can taste some of the oldest
beverages in the whole world.


Everyone who says that he or she is a true beer lover must visit this city. I mean, who didn’t hear for
Oktoberfest? This is the world’s biggest festival of beer. Oktoberfest is the festival in Munich that
starts late in September every year and it lasts 16 to 18 days. This festival has a big tradition since
1810. Also, they have one of the best specialties that match perfectly with beer and that is bratwurst.

Prague is a small city in Europe with a big history of beer. Czechs are known as people who drink a lot
of beer and people who make the best beer. Also, the Prague is one of the prettiest cities in Europe
which has a lot of to show you, regardless of its small size.

Guinness is one of the most famous beers in the world and it brings Dublin to our list. One of the
tourist beer attractions is Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. We need to admit that Irish are more
famous for their whiskey but their beer is also one of better you can try.

Amsterdam is a town that you need visit no matter if you are a beer lover or not. It is one of the most
popular towns in Europe for tourists. From Amsterdam, we got two very popular beer in the whole
world: Heineken and Amstel. When you go to Amsterdam you need to visit Heineken experience, a
great museum of Heineken.


Well known for October’s Great American Beer Festival where they choose the best beer for 84
different categories.

Boston area is known for one of the biggest beer lovers. In the area is about 15 pubs and breweries
and they all love to drink beer and tell good stories. Boston also has a great festival dedicated to the
bear known as Beantown’s Bacon and Beer Fest.

Portland has more than 85 breweries and the number keeps growing. It is the only city in the world
with that big number of breweries. Except for beer, there is a lot of things that beer lover can do and

Montreal is center of the beer in Canada. They have a lot of different types of beers and a lot of
tourists who come to taste all that beers. This is a city that every true beer lover needs to check
because you can get a lot of experience from locals.


Seoul has, in last few years, invested a lot of money in the beer industry. Drinking beer in Seoul is one
new experience. You need also to be prepared to drink beer in parking lots. But you will have
moments that you will remember all life.

Very little number of people knows that the beer is popular in Japan. But Tokyo is like Amsterdam
that is the town you need visit anyway but beer gives extra points. The culture of drinking beer in
Tokyo is on other level so be prepared to experience something new.

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