16 Creative Ways to Immortalize Your Wanderlust

They say travelling is about the experiences you have and the people you meet along the way, it’s not about material things. As travellers ourselves we couldn’t agree more. However, these experiences are fleeting moments and to have something tangible in your hands to help you reminisce are always a great idea to immortalize your travels. Here are some interesting ways we’ve found to preserve your travel memories. If you have more please share them in the comments below.

1. Backpack Flag Patches

One of the most common ways to keep track of your travels, collecting flag patches for every country you’ve visited. Manwiththeflagbag has a whole page dedicated to his flag patches. You can buy country flag patches here.

Photo: @manwiththeflagbag

2. Tattoos

There are many creative travel inspired tattoos, but filling in the country on a world map as you travel is hands down the best.

3. Scratch Maps

Scratch off these world maps as you visit more countries. By now everyone has one of these, if you don’t you can find them here: https://shop.travelbible.co/scratch-maps/

4. Custom Boarding Pass Pillows

Create custom boarding pass pillows to remind you of your favourite trips. Also makes a wonderful gift idea for that travel addict of the family! You can also make boarding pass phone cases here.

5. Custom Departure Board

Personalize an airport departure board poster with your favourite destinations. Available here

6. Custom Passport Stamp Phone Case

Immortalize your passport with these custom passport stamp phone cases from The Travel Bible Shop. Over 300+ stamps to choose from, letting you easily replicate your passport. Perfect especially for those countries that don’t feel like stamping your passport. Find them here

7. Travel Signpost

If you are the skillful type trying building your own travel signpost like this traveller does here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRo2-Q4b9u0

8. Personalized Passport Stamp Heart Poster

How awesome is this? Send us the countries you’ve been to (with dates) and we’ll customize this awesome poster for you. Get it here!

9. Engraved Country Ring Keychain Collection

Collect an engraved ring for every country you’ve been to, reminding you of your travels wherever you go! Available from https://travellercollective.com/


10. Travel Photo or Scrap Book

Keep airline tickets, foreign currency and souvenirs to add to a scrap book or create a photo book with a website like Mixbook.


11. Blog It

One of the best ways to remember your travels is to simply blog about them. It can also help to organize your thoughts and feelings of a particular place at a certain time, as well as a good way to share your useful tips and lessons with others before they go there, and if you’re good enough, maybe make some side income to fund your travels.

12. Custom Baggage Ticket Case

What better way to remember your favourite flight or to get excite for an upcoming one by putting the ticket on your phone case? Available here: https://shop.travelbible.co/baggage-tag-case

13. Collect Sand


14. Send Postcards to Yourself

Sending postcards to family and friends is cool and all, but lets be honest they throw them in the trash after a month or two and it means more to you because you were actually there. Also it’s a great way to look back on your adventures in the future. With an app like MyPostcard you can send your own photos which is even more special.

15. Collect Fridge Magnets


16. Keep Leftover Money

I seem to always be left with some local currency when I return back home. Keep this in a jar or scrapbook to remind you of your travels, or in case you go back.

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