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Traveling in your twenties and early thirties is completely different than traveling in your late thirties and beyond. Not because you can afford fancier digs, but simply because you know so much more about the world. Plus, you have the knowledge of what you really remember from previous travels, the good and the bad. No matter how old you are or how well traveled you may be, these traveling tips are beneficial to all!

1. Traveling is never going to get cheaper.

Many people wait to travel because they think they’ll be better able to afford it in the future. The truth is that traveling is only going to get more expensive after you have children and start a family.

2. You can sleep when you return home.

You may think you need a solid 8-hours of sleep every night, but you really don’t. Let the adrenaline of traveling carry you through and sleep when you get home. You’ll never look back on your trip and think: “So glad I slept in every day!” You’re far more likely to thank yourself for ditching sleep to see and experience new things.

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3. Traveling isn’t a free pass to get wasted.

Getting tipsy, or even a little drunk, is perfectly fine and can be very fun. Just refrain from making the whole trip about drinking unless you want to remember it in blurry hues and/or miss out on fun opportunities because your head is in the toilet.

4. Always assume you’re going to spend 20% over budget.

Save an extra 20% over what you think you’ll need in order to avoid stressing out about money when you should be having worry-free fun.

5. You’re not coming back.

All too often we say “I’m going to do that next time I’m here,” but chances are you won’t be back so you should just do it now. Even if you absolutely love a certain destination, with so many other places on your growing bucket list it’s unlikely you’ll be back anytime soon.

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6. Beware of the “best” places or “can’t miss” sites.

Countless publications are constantly shouting out the best restaurants, street vendors and so forth, but don’t feel compelled to follow these “must see” guidelines. Follow your own wanderlust and you’re sure to find something so much more authentic.

7. Put in the research and reap the rewards.

Use Instagram, travel blogs, Google, guidebooks and any other resources to conduct a little historical and travel research before embarking on a trip. You’ll totally thank yourself later.


8. Travel for you, not the group.

If you travel in a group don’t be afraid to break away to see and do what your heart desires. You can meet back up with everyone else later, at which point you’ll have some great stories to share.

9. Keep a daily blog/journal/etc.

Keep track of all of your adventures through words and photos. You can share these experiences online with the world, or keep them to yourself. Either way, you’ll be glad to have a detailed memoir of your wild traveling days, even if no one ever reads it besides you, and maybe your future children.

10. Sunrises are better than sunsets.

If you can wake up early enough to watch the sunrise, you’re in for a heck of a great day. A productive early start leaves plenty of room for opportunities.

11. The city always looks better from a rooftop.

And it’s super easy to access the rooftop of most buildings, so do it!

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12. Nothing is free, no matter where you travel.

Always carry small bills and don’t believe anyone when they say something is “free.”

13. Avoid falling in love.

Romance is a byproduct of travel, but try your best to avoid falling in love. There’s always the chance you’ll end up on 90 Day Fiancé, but don’t risk missing out on truly extraordinary experiences in order to stay locked inside with someone you think is your future forever. Keep in mind that most foreign relationships end as soon as the trip is over.


14. Say “Yes” to as many opportunities as possible.

Even if you’re feeling timid, tired or unsure, say “yes” to as many opportunities as possible throughout your travels.

15. There’s no better time than now.

Stop putting traveling off until you’re richer, more stable, retired or whatever other excuses you’ve come up with. There’s no better time than now to explore this magnificent planet we call home.

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