30+ Great Gift Ideas for Travellers Besides Actual Plane Tickets 0

Every travellers dream is of course to see every country in the world, and the only gift they really want are plane tickets. However, there are many other gift ideas that will excite the travel addict and make them yearn to see the world again. Here is an extensive list of some unique travel items you may have never seen.

1. Custom passport stamp heart canvas

Remember your travels using your favourite passport stamps in the shape of a heart with these unique custom canvas prints available here.

2. Scratch Off World Map

Keep track of your travels by scratching off countries you’ve been to with these awesome scratch maps. Available here 

3. Travel Inspired Passport Covers

Check out our passport covers here.

4. Custom Boarding Pass Pillow

Customize your own boarding pass pillows here

5. Custom Passport Stamp Phone Case

Create a phone case with your own passport stamps! These cases are especially interesting as most countries aren’t stamping passports anymore. Get yours here

6. 100 Places Scratch Off Poster

Scratch of your bucket list destinations here

7. Wanderlust Travel Watch

Featuring a spinning airplane as the second hand, this watch is a must for alll travel addicts. Available here

8. Custom Airport Departure Board

What better way to keep track of your travels then have your own departure board in your bedroom? Available here

9. Travel Journal

Keep track of your travels with a beautiful retro journal available here.

10. Foreign Currency

This is great for travellers that are about to leave home, still in the planning stage. Nothing gets you more excited to travel than a big wad of foreign moola! If you feel like going the easy route, you can read about how to do it online here for free.

11. Word World Map Wall Sticker


Easily decorate your wall with this awesome world world wall sticker! Available here

12. Travel Inspired Tattoos

13. World Map Bed Sheet

The perfect bedding set that any traveller would want to sleep in. You can find it here.

14. Sticker World Map, Remove the Stickers From the Countries You’ve Been

Find it here

15. Blank Globe, Letting You Color The Countries You’ve Visted

Color in this globe as you travel the world! Available here

16. Adventure Awaits Money Jar

Find it here

17. Personalized Travel Milestone Marker

Available here

18. Travel Inspired T-Shirts


Find some here

19. Cookies

Making me hungry and want to travel at the same time

20. Travel Patches

Available here

21. Travel Quote Necklace Pendant

Find it here

22. Cork Globe

23. World Adapter

One of the main staples for any international travel. Get these here

24. Country Flag Pillow Cases

Find them here

25. Custom Stamp Passport Cover

Create a custom passport cover with your favourite stamps here

26. Floating Tree Tent

15+ Of The Best Traveler Gift Ideas Besides Actual Plane Tickets - Floating Tree Tent

Suspended in the air by 3 cables, keeping you safe from wild animals and serial killers, camping doesn’t get much cooler and safer than this.

27. Pack This Checklist

Find it here

28. Airbnb Credit

You can find some free Airbnb credit when you (or a friend) signs up here.

29. Color in Chalkboard Map

30. Personalized Travel Accessory Pouches


Stop losing your items and spending countless hours trying to find them, stay organized with these customizable pouches.

31. A Worldwide Travel SIM Card

There is nothing worse than struggling to find a shitty wifi connection in a city you’ve never been before. Fit this international SIM card into your mobile phone and you can stay in touch in over 195 countries world wide. http://www.onesimcard.com/

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