5 Cities You Must Visit in Scotland 2022

For the people looking for a memorable family time outside their hometown or a romantic couple getaway, then Scotland is quite an ideal. Scotland has a lot of things for you to explore and enjoy regardless of whoever you are with. In addition, it is a small country to the north side of England that offers you a great deal of fun. 

Here are 5 top cities that you should visit in Scotland. 

1. Edinburgh

You knew this was coming. Yes, a tour to Scotland would be incomplete without visiting Edinburgh. It is the capital of Scotland known because of its medieval castle. Hence, it is known as Edinburgh castle and constantly gets ranked as the most visited tourist attraction in the UK. Apart from the castle, there are several other places that you can go and enjoy, like the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It is a long stretch of Cobblestone Street, popular as the Royal Mile. It has a whole queue of several fine old vintage buildings and townhouses as museums and churches. 

And you want to get some souvenirs; this is a place for them too. 

2. Glasgow

Do you know, Glasgow transformed from an industrial city to the main cultural hub of Scotland. Now it is the top-rated tourist destination all around the country. It would be great to explore this city on foot. On your way, give a little time to most of the top attractions like Riverside Museum, Glasgow science centre, and a lot of others. George Square is the most pedestrian-friendly place for you to enjoy and explore. Also, make sure to wander around the city’s parks, for sure for alleviating your experience. 

3. Aberdeen

Locally, this place is known as The Flower of Scotland. The city of Aberdeen is full of gardens and parks. Duthie Park is its most famous place. It is home to the internationally acclaimed David Welch Winter Gardens; this is an ideal place to enjoy them all year display of tropical plants and exotic flowers. For sure, all the parks are well maintained. 

It would be great to visit the place in spring or summer. Also, it would help if you gave some time to visit the outdoor space of Duthie that includes flowerbeds and ponds. Moreover, if you stay there till evening, there is a chance of you catching the live performance of the attractive famous opera in the park season. 

4. Dundee

If you are done with Edinburgh, an easy day trip will make you reach Dundee. It is a city that is quite famous for river crossings. It is so pleasing to see all across the Firth of Tay from Dundee. It becomes a great experience to see to the village of Wormit. The Tay Rail Bridge got to build in 1887, and still, it is quite a special place to the eye and a camera. 

The city comes under the list of the top rail trips all around the views. For sure, this gives you amazing views as you travel through the two miles of steel. However, note that if you cannot travel to the rail, you have an option of two viewing platforms that offer you stunning views over Dundee. 

5. Perth

Just a small hop away from Dundee, you can reach Perth, which offers you a pleasing taste of a whole less busy Scotland. Just begin your Perth trip from the River Tay. The train ride will make you see all the incredible romantic vistas so to capture the posterity, going to the river would be great. All the best views of Perth include the Old Town from the setting that resembles a park of Moncrieffe Island.

If you are a lover of old towns, then visiting the Church of St. Johns should be a must for you.

Are you done deciding for Scotland? If yes then now is the time for the suitcase. 

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