7 Ways To Beat No-Travel Depression

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has ruined millions of people’s travel plans around the world and it’s definitely bringing a lot of people down. The worst part about the whole situation is the unknown as none of us can be sure when / if things will ever return back to normal. 

It feels like we are all on a never-ending roller coaster where one day a destination is set to open in September, then the very next day it gets pushed back to 2021. All us travel addicts are left wondering when we can plan our next escape.

Some are taking the plunge and travelling already whereas others, like myself in Australia, don’t have a choice. We’re currently not allowed to leave the country, though personally I suppose that even if we could I wouldn’t. I think I’d prefer to wait until such a point where I need not worry about arriving in a destination only to be asked to leave should rules change again.

The whole situation is both frustrating and depressing at the same time. What does the future of travel even look like? Will it be mandatory to get a vaccine before we can jump on a flight?  

The below list has been compiled to give readers an idea of things they can do to maintain sanity while we continue to wait patiently. Depending on your current restrictions your ability to do all the following may vary, however I’m certain you’ll be able to do a few at the very least. 

1. Keep Busy 

Have you ever been through a break-up and people tell you to keep yourself busy so you stay distracted? Well I guess that is kind of what this is right now, a break-up with travel.

If you’re one of the ones lucky enough to have a job right now, take comfort knowing that when we eventually get through this you’ll have the money to go travelling. Use this time to save as hard as you possibly can for the trip that you’re longing for.

The more you save now, the more new and exciting experiences you will be able to afford when travel returns. Not to mention that there will be a lot of deals out there so your money will go further.

If you currently are unemployed maybe you could consider starting your own online business, or at least make sure you’re trying your best to find a new one. It’s easy to let yourself sink into a slump and not accomplish anything. Try and use your time efficiently. 

2. Catch Up With Friends

If you’re not already, using this time to see friends is a good way to keep yourself occupied. If you’re anything like me and travel a lot odds are there a lot of people you haven’t seen for a long time so maybe use this time to see ones you haven’t for a while. Odds are that your friends are feeling the same and would be more than keen to catch up. 

You may even consider making some new friends. 

3. Learn A New Skill 

“I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish.” If you’ve ever found yourself saying things such as this then what better time to learn a new skill. Learn a language or something that will be beneficial to you when travel resumes, or learn something completely unrelated.

Pick up a guitar or join a band. Do something that you’ve always thought you might like to try but never really had the time for because normally you’d be travelling. 

4. Explore Your Back Yard 

It’s funny how we always wander out the front door before exploring our own back yard. Depending on the restrictions where you are right now it’s definitely the perfect time to explore locally. When you meet someone travelling and they’ve been to more places in your own country than you it can  actually be a little embarrassing. 

Now is a perfect time to grab your friends and go explore somewhere you haven’t been before. It doesn’t even necessarily need to be somewhere new, but somewhere exciting. Rent a camper-van / motor home, Go camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking or whatever floats your boat. Use the time to go somewhere you wouldn’t normally actually go.  Any adventure, is a good adventure. 

5. Stay Healthy

It’s easy to find yourself slumping into a hole because you’re not the happiest you’ve been. One may stop eating the healthiest food, stop exercising or even stop going outside. 

Depending where you are right now the gym might not be the best place to go but it’s important to stay healthy. Work out at home, go for a run and keep the endorphins going. They are the chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. They release a positive feeling in the brain which is important to stay level headed. 

6. Share Photos 

Reminisce about the holidays and trips you’ve already been on by re-tagging the friends you were there with. Send them a message and reconnect. Odds are they too are feeling the same as you so they’ll be more than happy to see them. You may even consider getting something to immortalise your wanderlust

This also brings us to the the most important point…

7. Start Planning Your Next Trip

It might not be the best time to pick a date for your trip but at least you can plan where you want to go and the things you want to see. 

Do all of the above: save money, stay healthy and most of all stay happy. 

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