Antigua and Barbuda Will Let You Stay For Two Years to Work Remotely

Photo by Alec Brunelle on Unsplash

Winter is coming and most likely another strict COVID lockdown. Instead of spending it stuck in your home, why not head to the Caribbean if you’re already working from home?

Under their new “Nomad Digital Residence” program, the small Caribbean country is letting remote workers who earn $50,000 per year to stay temporarily for up to two years.

“You can work in any part of the world from Antigua as if you were in your office or home,” Prime Minister Gaston Browne said in a statement.

Photo by Rick Jamison on Unsplash

Before you get too excited and rush to pack your bags, the costs to apply are a little steep. According to the Independant, for one person it’s $1500, for a couple it’s $2000 and for family of three the cost is $3000.

Obviously you will need to show proof of valid health insurance and pay the local market rate for healthcare during your stay on the island. More than likely you won’t be needing this and won’t have to worry about COVID-19 as the islands only have 108 cases at the moment.

“We have learned how to detect infected persons quickly, how to treat them rapidly, and how to contain community spread,” says Mr Browne.

It is not the only country in the Caribbean offering this, Barbados and Bermuda have both luanched similar schemes to try to revitalize tourism and their economy in these tough times.

Another positive note, the cost of living in Antigua and Barbados is 20% lower on average than most countries in North America and Europe, with an entire house on Airbnb averaging around $2000. Food and beer is also quite cheap.

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