Camping Places In Slovenia – Have An Unforgettable Outdoor Experience

Slovenia is a small country, with only 20,273 kmof territory but it has beautiful nature where camping places are settled for people to enjoy. Slovenia is an EU member that has sea, mountains, valleys and a lot of forests. Camping places can be found on all territory and you can choose in which area you want to camp regarding climate.

Let’s take a look on some of the most beautiful and popular camping places that you can visit. I am sure that these camps are your perfect opportunity to relax and boost your energy levels at the same time.

Camping Bled

Camping Bled is first to be introduced because thousands of tourists visit town Bled each year. Bled is a part of Slovenian mountain area so this means you will enjoy in fresh air of the mountains and forests. If you visit Bled you will see famous lake island where you can visit a church and try their local specialty Bled cream cake.

On Bled you will be able to camp on the shore of the lake and enjoy stargazing. If you have kids and pets, you can take them with you to the camp. The camp capacity is for 280 camping pitches. They also have family mobile homes which are made from wood. I invite you to visit camp Bled as you will surely enjoy in gorgeous view and unspoiled nature.

Camping Plana & Bar 66

This camp is located in the Karst region of the country which is famous for caves. The camp is built around a ranch that breeds Icelandic horses so you will be able to horse ride.

Their specialty is a bar that will amaze you. It is made almost entirely of wood and stone. The camp capacity is 100 people. You can pitch a tent or stay in their wooden cabins with a modern design.

The campsite offers many activates and one of them is horse riding as I already stated, mountain and track biking and hiking. You can also play beach volleyball, have a ranch experience, explore the forest and observe the wildlife. There is a famous Postojna cave nearby where you can see the cave’s wildlife and cool at summer months.

Camp Lucija

Are you a beach lover? If so then this camp will interest you. Camp Lucija lies on the green peninsula Seča near Portorož witch is a popular Slovenian sea town. With six hectares of land, it can accommodate around 1000 people. This camp is modernly designed and ready to offer pleasure to the guests.

You can enjoy in delicious seafood that you can get in their restaurant. Due to the water nearby you can do many water activities such as swimming and other water sports. There is also an option to play tennis, mini golf, basketball, handball, and football. The camp is friendly to families with children and domestic pets which are welcome. So, if you want to spend a perfect summer holidays with your family, don’t hesitate and visit Camp Lucija.

Camp Polje

Camp Polje is a new camp opened in 2018 and built after newest camping standards. It is located near the Dolenjske Toplice which are known for the thermal water. The camp is also near river Krka where you can relax and cool down in the hot months. The camp offers plots for RV’s and campers with tents.

You don’t have to worry about the internet connection as they offer a free Wi-Fi. The owner of the camp also thought of those people who love to cook their food on the grill, so you will be able to grill your favorite food.

The river Krka offers water sports activities that children enjoy. When you have too much energy you can play tennis and team sports like basketball, and enjoy in culinary delights in nearest inns. The region Dolenjska is known for tasty wines so don’t forget to try them.

Camp Čatež

Camp Čatež is Slovenian best camp place since it got many awards and is very popular among guests all around Europe. The Dutch, Germans, Italians and other nations love this place and come here with their families to spend their free time. This camp is located in Terme Čatež, a spa place. They offer rich sport –recreational possibilities and an animation program so nobody gets bored.

The camp has 210 standard and 40 above-standard pitch places for RV’s, trailers and tents. It is great for children who love the water and water animations. They have Indian tents in the Indian village and wooden cabins on the lake for you to rent or you can pitch your tent. The camp is suitable for all-year trailer camping. If you want to spend a fabulous vacation, go ahead and choose Camp Ćatež, your body and soul will be thankful.

Camping in the most Beautiful Part of Europe

Slovenia is a small country but it can offer you a splendid vacation outdoors. As you see you can choose different kinds of camps that have different climate and features. If you love water then camps Lucija, Bled, Polje, and Čatež should suit your needs.

Bled also provides fresh air from the mountains, so if you like to be around them and the forests, this camp will be your best option. Each of these camps has a rich offer and takes care of their guests. There is also another advantage by visiting these places. Slovenia is small so you can easily travel and see local sights by car, train or a bus. I invite you to see this beautiful green country and have an unforgettable outdoor experience.


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