Experience the Aurora from These Glass Cabins in Iceland

Now you can stay in the comfort of your own bed while watching the Northern Lights in Iceland. The collection of four “lodges” in the remote southern area of Iceland feature complete glass walls and ceilings so you can enjoy the spectacle without having to go out into the freezing cold at night.

Suitably called “Panorama Glass Lodge“, they excel at providing, “amazing sunsets, sunrises and stargazing and with a bit of luck watching northern lights dancing above you all from the comfort of your warm bed, no need to go outside and freeze.”

Via Panorama Glass Lodge

The lodge was opened in 2017 and created by the couple Sabrina and Andreas Dedler, originally envisioned as a romantic getaway for couples. Since then it’s become a hot spots for all kinds of tourists wanting to experience the Aurora Borealis in comfort and style.

Each cabin comes equipped with a king-sized bed, a private bath and of course – a hot tub for those cold wintery nights. Although best experienced in the winter, the Northern Lights can also be seen in the summer in Iceland, due to it’s extreme northern latitude.

According to the couple, “the most important point was for our guests to have an amazing, comfortable and unforgettable experience with enough privacy in the spectacular icelandic scenery. Therefore we decided to build just a few houses on a huge piece of land instead of many houses on a tiny piece of land to avoid the feeling of staying in a resort.”

Via Panorama Glass Lodge

The style and shape of the cabin are inspired by Scandinavian design with wooden, steel and glass elements which presents a modern and remote feeling. They are already planning expansions, with a “family panorama lodge” planned later in 2022.

They are also an environmentally sustainable project, “committed to reducing the impact of our company’s operations on the environment. With effective policies in place we provide a safe, healthful workplace, protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources. Our goal is to promote sustainability and achieve environmental awareness at all levels of our company.”

View from the bed via Panorama Glass Lodge

If you’re planning on booking a night, better do it now as it’s typically booked months in advance. Be prepared to pay at least €499 which is actually not too bad considering the luxury and remoteness.

Via Panorama Glass Lodge
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