Explore the Food Trails of the Capital City of Thailand – Bangkok


There are some places that are so unique and wonderful that finding synonyms for them isn’t a difficult
task. But stumbling upon a place that has so much to offer that every word seems a synonym is rare.
And among such rare places, the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the one that tops the charts. Besides being known as ‘Party Paradise of the World’ and ‘The Ultimate Beach Destination’, there is one other synonym for this country – ‘The Street Food Capital of the World’.

According to a recent survey that was conducted by Lonely Planet, if you are a food lover and love to try different cuisines, then Bangkok is the best city for you. And to justify this study, there is a saying that goes like ‘Where there are people, there will be food’. In other words, when you are in Bangkok, you are never far away from food. The streets of Bangkok are filled with food stalls that serve some of the best Thai dishes, prepared from the freshest ingredients. However, not all the areas of Bangkok are equal when it comes to street food. There are certain parts of the town that are blessed with the dishes that are simply decadent and sinful! So, let us find the hottest food trails among the ginormous malls, crowded streets and the hot pink taxis.

1. Victory Monument aka Anusawari Chai Samoraphum

Being one of the main and busiest transportation center of Bangkok, numerous buses load and unload
at this roundabout everyday. Very next to the roundabout are small streets, also known as so is that
have an extensive collection of Thai restaurants and food stalls. It is more or less a circular buffet where
you can have the best of Thai cuisine. To the northeast side, there is the boat noodle alley where you
can have a variety of noodles.

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2. Chinatown aka Yaowarat

When it comes to dining option, the one place in Bangkok that would never disappoint you is Yaowarat.
Here you would discover the restaurants of some of the greatest street food masters. This street cuts
through the heart of the Chinatown with Charoen Krung Road running parallel to it. This place has small
lanes where you would find some of the best Thai delicacies. Want to have suckling pig or bird’s nest
soup, visit Yaowarat.


3. Ratchawat Market/ Sriyan Market

Located in the green and tranquil district of Dusit, Rathchawat and Sriyan market are the oldest and
traditional markets of Bangkok. Being the oldest, they not only serve you the authentic Thai food, but
also have a laid back, relaxed ambience that simply makes you happy. While you are exploring these two
markets, don’t forget to try the roast duck, Kobe beef noodles, stir fried curry shark, jungle curry and a
wide assortment of noodles.

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4. Charoen Krung and Bangrak

If you are blessed with the sense of smell, then it is impossible to cross Charoen Krung and Bangrak
without filling your stomach with dishes that simply explode with flavors. As soon as you step in these
streets, you are welcomed with a refreshing aroma of stir fried garlic, steamed dumplings, numerous
variety of noodles, roasted duck and freshly cut seasoned fruits. And if you simply want to sit, relax and
enjoy your meal, there are countless restaurants that are not less than Michelin star restaurants when it
comes to the variety, freshness and taste.


Well, this is just the start as there are numerous other food trails that are scattered all across Bangkok
and Thailand. And trust me, after exploring these food trails, it is going to be impossible for you to pick
the one that is your favorite.

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