Roatan – Best places to visit on a budget

If you are looking for an exotic piece of paradise in the Caribbean, clearly Roatan is the place to go.

This little paradise besides being particularly known for its crystal clear blue waters, white sand and lovely people. Roatan is also one of the best places in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling. Second largest Barrier Reef can be found in Roatan, first one being in Australia.

Roatan is known also for amazing night life and, without a doubt, a perfect place for a holiday with friends or family. Undoubtedly it is the perfect place to go for an unforgettable honey moon or just a relaxing holiday to recharge yourself.

Little French Key

A small private island resort Little French Key is a piece of paradise.

It offers different activities: horseback swimming, zip-line,scuba-diving, animal rescue-center, snorkeling, is Eco-friendly, kayaks, massage, and many other services. On this little island you can have your dream of a perfect wedding coming true. For this reason Little French Key must be on top of the list.

West End 

Apart from beaches Roatan offers a good nightlife, parties, delicious food, drinks, you name it.

West End is the perfect place to cool off, or enjoy some cocktails on a terrace watching the sea while listening to good music. Here you can find the Chocolate Factory from where you can get some delicious souvenirs, plenty restaurants with a big menu variety even for the picky ones and dive shops.

Cafe de Palo

“A secret bar and cafe” how their website describes it.

If you are not in the mood for a day at the beach, if is rainy or you just want to recharge yourself, Cafe de Palo is the best place to go. The food here is delicious and it tastes as good as it looks. At Cafe the Palo the staff is very friendly, there is a very good internet connection (in most of the places the WiFi has a slow connection) and the view is spectacular. Near by there are plenty condos for renting.

Catamaran Excursion and Blue Channel 

Of course the best way to enjoy this see-trough water is trough a catamaran excursion.

This will offer you the best snorkel experience, a relaxing day and also so much fun. For around $60 you can go on a trip of few hours, have some traditional rum punch, snorkel and enjoy maybe one of the best waters in the world. You can choose one catamaran which goes to Blue Channel where you can admire the coral and marine life.

Infinity Bay

Is the place where you can finally feel like a Hollywood Star without paying a fortune.

At Infinity Bay enjoy the stunning resort with swimming pool or swim in the ocean.This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and and for this reason clearly the perfect place for a photo session.

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