Russian Instagram Influencer Dies in Tragic Accident – Bali

Tragically 18 year old Anastasia Tropitsel, a popular Instagram Influencer has died after crashing her motorbike in Bali. 

Anastasia’s last post to her 1.2 million followers was that she was off to have breakfast. Some time later she lost control of her bike crashing into a median strip leading to a serious head injury. Head of local traffic police Ni Luh Tiviasih said that due to the head injury she died at the scene before ambulance officers arrived.

Graphic images and a video of her being placed in a body bag depict the severity of the crash. Clearly distressed, her boyfriend Viktor Maydanovich who was riding alongside her at the time can be seen being comforted. Viktor Stated that ‘She was riding along a road at a speed of 80-100 kph (50-60 mph), where everyone drives the same.’ 

Anastasia and her boyfriend Viktor in Bali.

It is believed that there are around 1,500 deaths annually in Bali on the roads, 80% of which are motorbike users. On the spot fines for not wearing helmets are enforced in a bid to reduce these numbers however, Viktor mentioned that Anastasia was wearing one but tragically it still wasn’t enough to save her life. He also denied that she was riding her bike irresponsibly stating that ‘She always drove safer and more accurately than anyone, and what happened to her is an accident.

Her distraught mother has taken to her instagram account @nastyatropi to post an image of a candle with the google translated comment ‘Unfortunately, our Nastya is no longer with us. I can not believe this. Mum.’ 

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