These stunning Brazilian islands are open – Only if you’ve had COVID-19

In a time where destinations are in a race to see the recommencement of tourism, the stunning archipelagos, Fernando de Noronha has reopened its doors after 5 months of lock down. The surprising twist however, is that only travellers who have had coronavirus are allowed to enter. 

After a little more research it makes more sense as the Pernambuco government requires proof that the visitor has had the virus but are now cured. The positive test results for either a RT-PCR (shows whether someone has had the virus)  or serological test (shows if the body has developed antibodies) must be provided prior to arrival. 

The health secretary for Pernambuco Andre Longo said in a statement, “There hasn’t been community transmission on the island for a long time. We have to keep it that way. Obviously, this step is going to be done with an eye on safety and reactivating economic activity on the archipelago.”

The CDC (Centers for Disease control) are still cautious when it comes to COVID-19 immunity. They are still unsure whether people who have already had the virus can get it again. WHO officials have said “there is some data out there that may suggest that immunity will wane over time.”

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