Things to do Before You’re 30 – The Travel Bucket List

Turning 30 is a bit of a milestone in life. Your 20’s is an age when you are supposed to be growing up, getting your life on track, and being, well, an adult. But until you get to 30, anything goes. It’s your time to be independent but whilst you’re still young enough to enjoy it.

The world is full of wonderful things to see and do, and some of them are, let’s face it, best done young. So here are some of the things that the world has to offer to do before you are 30…

See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis are the breath-taking natural light show which appear in the skies in the northern latitude. They occur due to the sun’s charged particles getting trapped in the magnetic field of the earth, resulting in a stunning array of moving lights. Although you can see the lights anywhere with a latitude of over 55° and low light pollution, a dedicated trip to see the Northern Lights will give you a better chance of getting the best view.

Trek the Inca Trail

It might sound cliché but trekking the Inca trail can change your life. Not only is it the fact that you will end up in Machu Picchu – one of the world’s most wondrous of wonders, but it is also what you see and go through to get there. You’ll experience the dry desert-liske conditions of Cuzco (the old capital of the Inca empire), the lush, green jungle of Aguas Calientes (the town at the base of Machu Picchu), rugged mountains, the over-powering natural energy of the pacha mama, startling altitudes, meet new (or old) cultures and get a great sense of achievement. The Peruvian authorities only allow 500 permits per day on the Inca trail, so it is worth booking as much in advance as possible.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing Africa’s highest peak – Kilimanjaro is no mean feat. It is very challenging and will push you to the limits both physically and mentally, but anyone who is relatively fit and has the desire and dedication to do it (and doesn’t suffer from altitude sickness!), can get there. With around 50,000 people attempting to climb Kilimanjaro every year, you are not alone, and the mountain, situated in Tanzania has good infrastructure in place for climbers as well as offering a plethora of wild and interesting flora and fauna.

Experience Rio’s Carnival

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s biggest street parties – that goes on for the best part of a week! We have pancake day, they have ‘Carnaval’ as the final letting down of hair before Lent, and you will see – and experience – samba music, dancing, flamboyance, as carnival in Brazil is like no other. Rio’s carnival is based around the Sambodromo – a specially built ‘arena’ where the samba schools of Rio do their thing (you need to book early if you want to get a seat). Of course, not everyone does get a seat in the Sambodromo, but worry not, there is a festa (party) on every street corner. Make sure that you go whilst you are young, free and single, but remember that EVERYTHING stops for carnival so don’t expect to do anything else but party.

Visit Amsterdam

There is something in Amsterdam for everyone. Regardless of whether you are into art, food, history – or something else that the city has to offer, everyone should visit Amsterdam before they are 30. Amsterdam has historic architecture, art and iconic attractions such as Anne Frank’s house. There is the cycling culture, the network of canals and a prize-winning food scene to be experienced, and for those who are interested, the city’s notorious cafes and nightlife. Amsterdam is a short flight from the UK but is also easily accessible driving or by train.

‘Do’ India

India is a massive country with a lifetime of experiences to offer and going when you are young means that you can cope better with fewer ‘home comforts’ like hot water or comfy beds. You can visit the Taj Mahal, experience the Ganges river, embrace the chaos in New Delhi or catch some surf in Goa – and of course, sample an ‘authentic’ curry almost anywhere!

Although getting old isn’t really a problem anymore for travellers, there are some things that are just better experienced when you are young. So why not check out some of these before you get to 30, cross them off your bucket list and then start making your list of things to do before you’re 40…

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