This Couple Got Married on Mount Everest and Took Epic Photos

This couple from California decided a normal wedding was not enough – they had to say their vows from 17,000 feet above sea level (yes only basecamp – we clickbaited you). Ashley and James Sisson took the daunting journey in Nepal in March, after taking a year to plan the epic adventure – and of course rigorous training was involved to make sure they could make it up in full blown wedding gear.

While just shy of 12,000 feet to the actual summit, the Everest Base Camp is still an impressive feat. They said the extreme cold, altitude sickness and exhaustion were completely worth it when they made it to the camp. Luckily the weather cleared up and they were able to take stunning photos together, with the help of the photographer Charleton Churchill. Check out the awesome photos below:

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All images copyright Charleton Churchill

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