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Edinburgh is one of the UK’s most visited cities. It is bursting with antiquity, culture, arts
and an array of renowned cuisine. As the city continues to evolve with more trendy bars
and eclectic eateries popping up on every corner, it seems to be the place to be for food
enthusiasts. Edinburgh is a diverse city where visitors can delve into history and culture
and now, enjoy a varied range of delectable delicacies. Here are the top ten food hotspots
around Edinburgh that should not be missed.

1. If you are looking for traditional Scottish cuisine during your visit, The Albanach
on Edinburgh’s famed Royal Mile is the ultimate place to score some authentic
local fare. This warm and cosy pub offers a welcoming and comfortable
atmosphere with a large menu that offers all of Scotland’s favourite dishes such as
haggis and potato pie, fish and chips and Balmoral chicken. With a selection of
burgers and sandwiches, the Albanach’s menu has something for everyone.
Indulge in some hearty dishes, wash it down with a cold pint and don’t forget to
save room for dessert – the sticky toffee pudding is to die for!

2. The Witchery by the Castle is a much-loved favourite amongst both tourists and
locals. Housing a gothic style boutique hotel as well as the restaurant, its dark and
mysterious medieval styled décor radiates fantastic ambiance that is both inviting
and alluring to guests. The Witchery’s extensive menu offers some of the freshest
local ingredients such as Oban oysters from the waters of Argyllshire. Treat
yourself to a juicy steak or smoked wild sea trout.
This delectable dining option never disappoints. Conveniently located close to
Edinburgh Castle, it is the perfect choice after an afternoon spent touring the castle.
The castle is open from 9:30 am – 5pm in summer (4pm in winter) and tickets are
available through the Edinburgh Castle website and cost £17 for adults, £10.20 for
children (5-15 years) and £13.60 concession.

3. If you have a craving for something that isn’t traditional Scottish food, go for the
best pizza in town at Civerinos. Open until 1am this popular Italian is located just
off the Royal Mile and has a mouth-watering selection of pies which includes
combinations like slow cooked beef brisket, caramelised onions, red peppers,
mozzarella, rocket and their ‘hot AF’ sauce. Of course, for those who like to keep
it simple, you can order margarita, pepperoni and other pizza classics. Civerinos
also offers a selection of tasty pastas, salads and snacks such as fries and arancini.
This place is great for a quick pick-me- up to get you through the day or even a
late-night feast after a night out on the town.

4. Stop by for a taste of the place that has got everyone talking in Edinburgh at the
moment. Dishoom, located on St. Andrew Square puts a unique twist on Bombay
cuisine with original dishes such as lamb samosas, paneer tikka and sheekh kabab.
However, Dishoom seem to have gained their popular reputation through their
breakfast menu. The perfect hangover cure, this mastermind selection of food
consists of full breakfasts with Bombay flare and their most famous item – Naan
Rolls. The naan rolls are simply genius. Delve into a bacon and egg naan roll to kick
start your Edinburgh morning and you won’t be disappointed. When booking
accommodation in Edinburgh, be sure to pick somewhere central that is easily
accessible by foot or public transport to main attractions and areas. Fraser Suites is always a popular choice as it is situated just off the Royal Mile and walking distance to all the popular spots in town including Dishoom.

5. For the ultimate foodies, there is a gastronomic experience that is like no other. A
hidden gem, the Edinburgh Food Studio offers an evening of plate tasting that will
bring your taste buds to life. Serving only approximately 20 guests at a time, the 7-
course tasting menu is creatively constructed through experiments with seasonal
and local ingredients. Often hosting guest chefs, this is a rare opportunity to taste
culinary magic cooked by top chefs from around the world. Scoring a seat at this
exclusive table can be difficult, so make sure you book well in advance.


6. Travel down to the shores of Leith where waterside bars and restaurants create
the perfect scene for a crisp winters day or a sunny spring afternoon, sitting back
and relaxing with a warm cup of coffee or a chilled glass of wine. While you’re
down this way, be sure to stop by Nobles Café Bar & Restaurant. This welcoming
bar is full of charm with classic, yet tasteful décor and friendly staff – you will feel
like one of the locals. Enjoy the tasty menu where you will find brunch favourites
like eggs benedict as well as hearty evening meals consisting of rolled Ayrshire
pork belly, roast guinea foul and classic fish and chips. Getting to and from Leith
form the city centre is simple and can be reached easiest by bus. Visit for bus timetables.

7. Are you keen on some Asian fusion? Enjoy a flavour bursting meal at Passorn –
Edinburgh’s latest Thai addition. Using authentic family recipes, the presentation
nearly outdoes the taste. It’s simple yet sleek décor is modern and sophisticated.
Tuck into Kaeng Keow Wan; the hottest Thai green curry or a beloved dish; pad
thai. Passorn also offers a selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes so there is
something to please all palettes. Passorn is located near the Meadows, just a 20-
minute walk from the city centre.
8. How does a gastro pub started by two Michelin-starred chefs sound? Upmarket
pub grub that is sure to please, Scran & Scallie will not disappoint. It’s warm and
cosy décor makes you feel more like you are in someone’s kitchen rather than in a
pub. Its enticing menu will leave you having trouble deciding what to choose
because it all sounds delicious. Starters vary with the likes of lobster ravioli, chilli,
ginger & shellfish bisque followed up by mains that include chicken and pumpkin
caponata or the Scran & Scallie steak pie. Don’t leave without trying the chocolate
and whisky mousse, Scottish brambles and sorbet – it’s truly delectable!

9. For a great coffee and cake go to Brew Lab Coffee on South College Street. Adored
by locals and visitors, these guys take coffee very seriously. Choose from four
rotating single-origin coffees that are expertly made by skilled baristas who
constantly practice new brewing techniques to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.
At Brew Lab you can also enjoy sandwiches, soups, salads and delightful cakes. Sit
back and watch the world go by while sipping on one seriously delicious cup of

10. How about dinner with a view? That view being the world-famous Edinburgh
Castle. There is no better way to end your trip to Edinburgh than with a first-class
meal with incredible city views. Tower Restaurant located above the National
Museum of Scotland is one of Edinburgh’s best luxury restaurants. Dine in a
beautiful setting and delve into gourmet dishes such as duck breast with celeriac
and beetroot purée, red cabbage and kale or winter squash risotto. Tower
Restaurant also caters to vegetarians and vegans and offers several menus
including à la carte dinner, 2/3 course lunch, afternoon tea and more.

Whether you are a devoted foodie or simply enjoy a traditional meal in the place you are
visiting, eating your way through any city is the best way to learn the culture and what
the locals are eating. Edinburgh is full of incredible places to enjoy luxury dining, some
good old pub grub, exotic cuisine and much more.

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Ellie Campbell is a recent university graduate and avid traveler. Since finishing her studies, she has spent most of her time checking off places on her bucket list. What began as personal journal writing has evolved to Ellie becoming a travel writer eager to share her stories and experiences with others.

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There are some places on this magical planet that leave your jaw on the ground, whilst you drag it along like an old car dragging a broken bumper. The Maras Salt Ponds, located in the ancient Inca Sacred Valley (we are happy to say), is one of such places.

Over the past two and a half years, we have traveled to 41 countries, and we’ve been fortunate enough to pick up our jaws off the floor, at least a few times. Our trip to Namibia comes to mind, the waterfalls of Iceland had us drooling too, and the Benagil cave in Portugal was beyond anything we could imagine. This time, however, we did not expect to see such a unique landscape appear in front of us, as we drove along the main road from the modern town of Cusco.

Your first impression of the ponds is from a high vantage point, so you get to see the 3000+ ponds in all their glory. We were soon told that each one of these pools is owned by a different family. How they tell each of them apart from the others, well, we can only guess.

As you drive down the valley and get closer, you begin to see the detail of the structures, that are essentially fed by one subterranean stream, which, as you guessed, is very, very salty. The process of creating the salt is really simple of course – the sacred water runs into these pools (which are not deep at all), and then evaporates to leave a thin crust of what has become some of the world’s most desirable salt.

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7 Most Underrated Islands You Need To Know About 0 12897

When it comes time to plan your next island vacation, take the path less traveled by visiting these underrated destinations that are sure to exceed your expectations. It’s not easy to find seven islands off the beaten path in Southeast Asia, but we searched high and low, near and far, across the land into the stars to find you some of the most amazing, untouched pieces of heaven on earth. We are going to let you in on Southeast Asia’s best kept secrets and give you a sneak peak of places that are hardly talked about. This is your ultimate guide to emerald waters, iridescent sandy beaches and everything beautiful nature has to offer.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Situated on the Southwest side of Vietnam, lies the spectacular Phu Quoc island. Half the island is covered in lush, thick jungle so it is considered a national park. Arguably home to the country’s best beaches, it is also Vietnam’s largest island measuring in at over 40 kilometers, north to south. When you’re there, be sure to pick up some fish sauce as Phu Quoc is well known for having an endless supply of anchovies that ply the island’s waters, thus producing the best of this deliciously salty condiment. You can also visit black pepper and pearl farms, local night markets and take part in unique squid fishing tours come nightfall.


Nusa Lembogan, Indonesia

This quiet island off Southeast Bali is not only known locally for its stunning beaches, but also for offering you the amazing chance to dive with large (larger than an average human being) Mola-mola fish. Life on the island is extremely tranquil and has strong backpacker vibes. This surfer’s paradise is a slow paced haven of relaxation with a side of beautiful beaches, coastal paths and seaweed farms. Nusa Lembongan’s clear waters encourage snorkeling, scuba diving and freediving where you’ll find amazing creatures like sea turtles, manta rays and oceanic sunfish.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tioman Island sits like an emerald gem rising out of clear turquoise waters featuring white sandy beaches and towering coconut trees. Moving from beach to beach over land can be difficult because of Tioman’s rugged roads so it’s advisable to take a four-wheel drive. Like the roads between the main port town of Tekek (which has an airport and several duty free shops) and the local village of Juara, where an amazing turtle conservation center is located- best traversed with a four-wheeler. If you are planning to drive, be sure to arm your vehicle with insurance from one of the best auto insurance companies in Malaysia to take care of your vehicle inconveniences if your car breaks down. (To find out more, see here). Keep an eye out for monitor lizards, black squirrels and many other inhabitants as the island is known for its incredible biodiversity. When you go snorkeling, you may just catch a glimpse of the black tip reef shark and the banded sea snake.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Malapascua, Philippines

Out of the whooping 7,000 islands in the Philippines, Malapascua is one of the most breathtaking. This tiny, peaceful paradise is the only place in the world where you can dive with the magnificent the thresher sharks everyday. Monad Shoal near Malapascua is a sunken island where the thresher sharks live and hunt. They are not dangerous to humans and will swim over the side of the shoal if startled. It is quite an experience to be able to get close enough to a thresher shark and touch them. You can easily access the island from Cebu, which is connected to various international airports.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Koh Rong, Cambodia

Off the Southern coast of Cambodia, about 25 kilometers from Sihanoukville lies Koh Rong Island. Also within the Koh Rong archipelago is Koh Rong Sanloem where you can go to relax at the crescent shaped Saracen Bay. You will find three kilometers of white sandy beaches and convenient bungalows and hotels. The most amazing sight is the sparkly phosphorescent plankton that illuminates the waters at night. Between the starry sky and the glowing water, it will seem like you are on a different planet. All you have to do is find the darkest side of the beach and go in about a meter deep. Then, “shake” and swirl the waters with your hands and feet and you will see the plankton light up. The longer you swirl the water, the sparklier it gets. Also in Sanloem, there are bio diverse dive sites and trekking/biking trails that uncover attractions like a historic lighthouse and waterfalls.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Koh Kood, Thailand

Koh Kood, also known as Ko Kut has been called Thailand’s best island. It’s crowd-free, tout-free and has no noisy nightlife. It can be tricky to reach independently so get on a tour. Travellers who make the trek will be rewarded with sights of pristine, powdery beaches and verdant jungles. If you want to lounge on the beach or take a nap in a hammock and not much else, Koh Kood is the place for you.


Batu Ferringi, Malaysia

Batu Ferringhi beach on Penang Island is a pure slice of heaven that is perfect for sun seeking beach lovers. It is absolutely magnificent with turquoise waters, sparkling white sandy beaches and calming palm trees that gently sway with the ocean breeze. If you want some excitement instead, rent beach bikes and go for a ride. Other Penang highlights are water activities like as parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating. It’s advisable to stay at a Penang beach resort to make the most out of your stay. One Penang beach resort that has everything you need on a vacation is Holiday Inn Resort Penang. Here, there is wide variety of activities for guests of all ages, as well as special romantic offerings for couples. To find out more, visit


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