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Travelling is the best thing life has to offer. It provides new relationships, adventures and memories that are permanently etched in your mind as well as experiences you will learn from and take with you throughout the rest of your life. Anyone who has travelled outside of their comfort zone can agree that travel is packed full of fun and exciting opportunities. But as well as excitement, studies show that travelling provides numerous health benefits to your mind, body and soul.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Travelling is the best way to relieve stress as it offers you the opportunity to escape from the chaos of your daily life, and experience something that is the complete opposite. Whether it be a city break or a beach vacation, visiting new places, meeting new people and creating adventures trigger your bodies enthusiastic and happy emotions.  

Daily routines and the pressures that come with them are commonly recognized as the sources of stress. Stress is a personal reflection of your everyday life which is easily be triggered by your surroundings. By escaping from these surroundings, you are literally escaping from the stress in your life. The new life experiences, relationships and lessons you encounter and learn from whilst travelling will make them seem insignificant so much so that when you return, you and your life will become less stressful and more peaceful.

Gain New Perspectives

Due to the new age of digital media, the world has become a much smaller place. Not in a literal sense, but in the sense that it can feel much smaller. Thanks to social media and the internet, you can connect with people from all over the world and see what its like to live somewhere else without actually physically visiting it yourself.

By watching first-hand how others live, it is almost like viewing the world through someone else’s eye. This will undoubtably broaden your perspectives and the way you view your own life experience. You’ll learn that life isn’t always black and white and be forced to challenge your own assumptions and free your mind of any false perceptions leaving you with a cleaner and open mind.

It is also likely you will become more appreciative and thankful for the life you have and also have a new sense of understanding, passion and empathy for different cultures and countries, in ways you may have never felt before.

Learn of True Values

In a world that is dominated by social media which conveys a super hyperbolic false sense of reality, people have developed distorted ideas of what true happiness is. People feel that the more material possessions they accumulate, the greater social and economical status they earn which contributes to your overall happiness and satisfaction. In reality, social media is one of the main causes of depression and suicide due to chasing the unattainable and therefore feeling constantly unfulfilled.

Travelling on the other hand, does everything BUT leave you feeling unfulfilled. In fact, if travelling does anything, it’s leave you feeling fulfilled and ready to take on more of the world. The social, cultural and economic differences you experience whilst travelling will put into perspective what it is to truly value life. After realizing how lucky you are, the extravagant material possession will seem insignificant because you can put a price on amazing memories. You’ll realize that the relationship with yourself and others is your most treasured possession.

Healthy Brain Food

Travelling expands your mind as you meet new people, adapt to new situations and get put out of your comfort zone. You become more globally and culturally away. Not only is this good for the soul, but it is actually good for the physical health of your mind. New experiences increase cognitive flexibility which results in keeping your mind sharp. Studies have shown a correlation between travel and creativity. It is important to note that in order to increase your brain function and creativity, you must immerse yourself in new cultures, rather than simply changing your physical location.

Boosted Metabolism

Generally, staying active will boost your metabolism resulting in weight loss. So of course, with travelling, comes lots of walking and physical activities which will naturally cause you to lose weight. This means you can’t afford to hold back on all the delicious, cultural delicacies and gives you all the more reason to order dessert!

Increased physical activity can also reduce the risk of a heart attack and other heart problems.

Top Tips!

  • Before travelling it is important to conduct thorough research into your chosen destinations. Find out which season is best to visit so you have the best weather and travelling conditions.
  • Know the visa requirements as there will be countries that you will need specific visas in order to visit. This usually isn’t too tricky however if you have any trouble you can always contact an immigration solicitors as they can provide all the information you may need.
  • Take pictures of your key travel documents (passports, visa, insurance, identification) and save them to your phone or iCloud so that you can access them anywhere.
  • Pack two pairs of comfortable footwear! If one fails, at least you have back up. Blisters and wet feet are a big no-no when travelling.
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